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Pursuit of Knowledge Indeed!

Following suit from last week’s post from Tim; it is indeed the time to pursue knowledge! As we have said in previous posts, we are always encouraging people to follow there dreams and passions. I have done just that!

I was at a point in my life that I felt restless, that I needed more. The thirst for knowledge came, and I decide to return to school. I am spending the next year finishing a degree in Communications and Media in Victoria, BC. My mind is swimming with ideas and I am constantly surrounded by others that are in the same pursuit. It is refreshing to feel invigorated and challenged again.

While I spend my next 11 months on the island, I am going to spend my posts writing about life on the island and the design and passion I experience from others.

Tim and Matt will continue working on Cymata and I will be helping from a far. So stay tuned as the following year will be exciting.

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