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Before Cymata was focused around 3D printing and music, it went through a few permutations. We brainstormed and prototyped with origami, and tangram-like paper objects (its original name was actually Tangram). Papercraft has always fascinated me. The idea of turning sheet materials into complex objects opens up so many possibilities when moving objects from virtual space to the real world.

Now that we’ve started 3d print prototyping, we’re seeing the limits in terms of size and cost, as well as detail. We started looking at alternative methods for producing Cymata models, and ended up back at paper craft.


Pepakura Designer is a tool commonly used to break 3D models down into flat patterns, complete with fold types and tabs. It’s often used for costuming, making molds of video game models at a very low price.


example Pepakura model and pattern, and a low polygon Cymata model                 

I would love to see one of these printed in massive scale. Something you could walk through, not just hold.



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