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Do What Makes You Happy!

The festival tents are packed up, the beach towels are rolled up, and the umbrellas are pulled out for the impending rain. That’s right, summer is coming to a close and winter (rain season) is on its way. Vancouver is coldly reminding us of this fact with the weather this week!

Like most Vancouverites we now think it’s the time we forget about the fun in the sun and go back to the humdrum routines of school or work. But, they are wrong, oh so very wrong…

In the summer we have the constant guilt of not being outside and playing in the long lasting days. Winter now affords us more time to work and focus on projects we have been avoiding all summer. Those projects are the ones that makes us think, tinker and explore. Rain season is the ideal season to work on a new painting series, or rework your portfolio to land your perfect job!

This is exactly what we are now doing. We are refocusing and reworking Cymata, our newest project. We have new ideas and new concepts and we are eager to explore.

We want to remind everyone not to despair that winter is coming, but to rejoice as it’s an opportunity to work on things that make you happy. What makes you happy?

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