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Cymata at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

After 6 months of developing Cymata from humble beginnings, we were excited to show this project to everyone in person. We got the chance to exhibit at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire at the PNE Forum this year, and it was such an awesome experience.


Our exhibit was pretty simple, but we put a lot of effort into the thinking and development behind it. We wanted to have something that could explain the background and ideals of project, which we made into a printed information board.  To give people a takeaway for them to keep in touch with the project, we made some postcards.  We had a live demo of our most recent Cymata sketch running, so we could explain how we analyze and visualize audio information.


The finishing touch of our exhibit was our first 3D printed prototype – something people could touch and feel to get a sense of what we were doing. We got it printed and shipped from Sculpteo, and it turned out to be a good benchmark for the detail and quality we’ll aim for in future models.


One of the great things about Maker Faire is the different types of people that come along, across all ages and backgrounds. This exposure is especially useful for a project like ours, which is pretty steeped in new technologies. Other than our friends and family, we hadn’t tried to explain Cymata to others.


By the end of it, we all got pretty used to talking about the project to people. And once they got it, they were very into the concept and physical form – and even gave us some great suggestions to add into the project.

Just getting reactions from people was enlightening. Seeing that realization in other people is an amazing feeling – that we were doing something fundamentally different with how you relate to sound. It’s made us think about Cymata in a new light, and it’s driven us to keep developing, iterating, and experimenting with what we’ve built so far.

You can check out more photos from Maker Faire over here.

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  1. September 9, 2013

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